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Cost of weekend cremations in Neath Port Talbot set to be reduced

Margam Crematorium (Pic: Neath Port Talbot Council)

THE COST of weekend cremations in Neath Port Talbot’s Margam Crematorium is set to be reduced in 2024.

The move came after a meeting of Margam Crematorium’s joint committee in February, where a review of the costs for weekend services were discussed by council members.

Here, a report showed that there was currently an extra charge for weekend services of £356, to help cover additional costs of staff, cleaning, and organist fees.

However, after weighing up a number of advantages and disadvantages, members decided to go with the officers’ recommendation to lower the additional fee to  £175, with implementation of this plan starting on April 1, 2024.

Members also agreed as part of the decision that the number of Saturday services would be capped at three each weekend, as well as how they would hear a review of the new fees in six months “to determine the impact on the operation at Margam Crematorium.”

During the meeting officers also gave a report around the crematoriums three yearly inspection by the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities, where a very positive report was given which showed an “excellent level of service” with no major recommendation for changes.