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Council to open cycle route by Neath Memorial Gate

NEATH Port Talbot Council have agreed to open a new active travel route this month allowing residents to cycle between Neath and Cimla, passing through the towns Memorial Gate.

The area, which had previously been restricted to cyclists since 1975, will now be amended in order to create a new active travel route between Neath and Cimla, allowing residents to access Neath town centre on foot or by bicycle.

It comes after discussions by council bosses, where it was heard that the current  active travel provision along along the B4287 Cimla road & Afan Valley road was poor for walkers and cyclists, due to high volumes and speed of traffic making it “unsuitable and unsafe.”

The report read: “This report is to seek approval to commence the process to amend an existing Byelaw which prohibits cycling along the path at the War Memorial Gates and in the Gnoll estate between the War Memorial Gates and Cimla Common. Amending the bye-law will allow the development of an active travel route (for walking and cycling) between Neath and Cimla.”

It added: “An alternative route is being considered which follows the following route: Forester Road, Woodland Road, Gnoll Drive through the memorial gates and along the lower access into the Gnoll estate towards the bottom pond, linking onto Cimla Crescent, along Cimla common across Afan Valley road and continues along to Afan Valley road (B4287) to Cefn Saeson Comprehensive school and the playing fields beyond.”

Councillors also heard how the plans would not only allow the residents of Cimla to access retail and employment areas in Neath town centre, but how it would also connect to Crynallt Primary school and Cefn Saeson Comprehensive school, making it safer for pupils to walk and cycle between.

While members in attendance at the Environment, Regeneration and Streetscene Services Cabinet meeting on September 14,  were keen to make sure members of the public remained respectful of the town’s war memorial site, it was felt with this could be achieved with proper sign-age, with the decision later approved unanimously.