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Neath Port Talbot

Port Talbot produces the most CO2 emissions in the UK

THE WELSH region of Neath Port Talbot produces the most CO2 emissions in the UK, totalling at 7.17 million tons and making up 2.08% of the total UK emissions. Manufacturing is a huge factor contributing to CO2 emissions, as the Port Talbot Steelworks is the largest steel production plant in the country. 

North Lincolnshire has the second largest CO2 emissions of any area in the UK, producing just under 7 million tons (6.89 million tons), making up 2% of the total UK emissions. The major industry driving the economy in North Lincolnshire is manufacturing, as 23.6% of all jobs in the area are in that sector, a sector which produces a lot of carbon emissions.  

The UK’s second-largest city of Birmingham ranks in third place when it comes to the UK areas producing the most carbon dioxide emissions, with 4.08 million tons of CO2 emitted from the city. Birmingham has always been an industrial city, famous over the years for car making and being the home of British Leyland. 

Further findings of new study conducted by Moneybarn, which analysed the areas in the UK with the biggest carbon impact, as well as revealing how much each area’s C02 emissions contribute to the total UK emissions, found: 

  • The City of London produces the most CO2 per head in the UK at almost 59 tons per person. Fewer than 11,000 people live in the heart of the capital, but it produces a disproportionately high amount of CO2. 
  • Yorkshire and the Humber produce the most CO2 emissions regionally, with three locations of the region being featured in the top ten. 
  • China produces the most carbon emissions globally, with over 11 billion tons pumped into the atmosphere in the last year.
  • The small Pacific island nation of Palau is where the most CO2 is produced per head globally, producing 73.66 tons of CO2 per head. The permanent population of the Archipelago is just over 18,000. FURTHER FINDINGS