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Charity set to take over Newport community centre in 25-year deal

Eveswell Community Centre pictured in September 2023 (Pic: Google)

A CHARITY could take over the running of a Newport community centre, under new proposals put to the city council.

The organisation, Toc H, already runs a series of activities and workshops in part of Eveswell Community Centre and has now applied for a long-term lease of the site.

The council notes the group’s “long-standing presence” at the centre and is expected to approve a 25-year deal for Toc H to run the premises via a Community Asset Transfer.

There is “significant potential for Toc H to develop their offer to meet their stated aims and develop the site as a flexible space serving the local community”, according to a council report on the proposal.

A deal will also ease some financial pressures on the council, which owns the community centre.

The council has proposed that Toc H will be responsible for repairing and maintaining the building over the 25-year period.

This will “alleviate” the council’s “significant backlog maintenance” at the site, which was last estimated to cost around £650,000 to clear.

According to the council report, Toc H will seek £300,000 from a UK Government scheme, the Community Ownership Fund, to develop the site in Eveswell Street.

The council had considered a proposal to transfer the freehold of the community centre to Toc H, but is instead expected to opt for the 25-year lease so that the local authority can “maintain control and oversight of the property”.

The cabinet member for infrastructure will make a final decision on the proposal on Friday (April 5).

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