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Serial rapist given 27-year extended sentence for ‘campaign’ of attacks on women

A MAN who sexually assaulted two women while they were vulnerable and recorded the vile acts on his phone has been handed an extended 27-year sentence by Judge David Wynn Morgan at Cardiff Crown Court. Steffan Jones, 25, carried out horrifying attacks on his victims, leaving them mentally scarred and emotionally devastated.

The court heard that Jones engaged in a sinister campaign of abuse against his victims, exploiting their vulnerability while they were intoxicated. In one incident, he tricked a woman into a drinking game, and when she became inebriated and started vomiting into a wash basin, he digitally penetrated her while recording the assault on his phone. This appalling footage was later shown to his flatmate, adding to the victim’s distress.

Another woman fell prey to Jones in a separate incident, and her harrowing experience was also revealed during the trial. She described how she had been left as a “shell of the person [she] was before” and continues to be affected by the traumatic events on a daily basis.

The impact of Jones’ actions on both victims was profound, leaving them feeling completely violated and worthless. One victim was forced to watch the recorded assault in court during the trial, an experience that re-opened the healed scars and mentally tortured her. The other victim stated that what Jones did would always impact her life, particularly in regards to her perception of sex.

During the proceedings, Prosecutor Heath Edwards read statements on behalf of the victims, conveying their immense pain and suffering. Both women spoke about the lasting damage caused by Jones, who was described by Judge Morgan as a “sexual predator, a liar, and a narcissist.”

Jones’ defence attorney, Ruth Smith, pleaded for a lenient sentence, highlighting that he had started a family and was in a relationship. Smith also mentioned that he had no prior custodial sentence, attempting to mitigate the severity of his crimes.

However, Judge Morgan saw through the defence’s plea and recognised the gravity of Jones’ actions. He emphasised the shocking nature of recording the assault on his phone, proving the defendant’s lack of remorse and utter disregard for his victims’ well-being.

The court also condemned Jones for attempting to discredit a witness who testified about the existence of the recorded video during the trial. Judge Morgan stated that Jones’ character references, which portrayed him as a paragon, were contradicted by his true nature as a sexual predator.

Considering the significant risk of future similar offences, Judge Morgan sentenced Jones to an extended 15-year term. This sentence comprises 12 years of imprisonment and three years on licence after release. Jones will also be added to the sex offenders’ register and has been ordered to pay a £170 surcharge.