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Application made to fell two Ash trees in Blaenavon

An application has been made to fell these Ash trees which are close to neighbouring home which it's feared they could hit (Pic: Torfaen County Borough Council planning file)

A HOMEOWNER wants to fell two Ash trees in her garden as it’s feared they could fall and hit neighbouring homes. 

Sarah Rayner has asked Torfaen Borough Council for permission to chop down the two trees in the garden of her home at The Park in Blaenavon which is part of the town’s conservation area. 

In her application she said the trees aren’t protected and its feared they are at risk of falling over and may be infected with ash dieback disease.  

The trees are described as larger than the neighbour’s home and one is less than two metres from it. 

She has told the council: “There have been a number of trees fall in The Park recently and if the trees should fall in the same direction as those, it would cause severe damage to the neighbours’ home and possibly the next house along from them also.  

“Our neighbours have informed me that they have written to the council on several occasions about the ash trees in question as well as others that are opposite their house in The Park itself. They inform me that the trees have ash die back.” 

The application is being considered by council planners.