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Retaining wall to be built along Afon Llwyd bank in Pontypool

The Afon Llwyd at Pontnewynydd the retaining wall will be built where the current concrete bank is (Pic: Torfaen County Borough Council planning file)

A RETAINING wall is to be built along a river bank where a footpath and existing defences have eroded. 

Housing association Melin Homes has been given permission to carry out the repairs to the bank of the Afon Llwyd behind its properties at 15 to 18 West End Avenue in Pontnewynydd, Pontypool. 

It will build a gabion wall with baskets hand packed with stone to reinforce the river bank with the bottom section two metres wide and the top section a metre wide with a total height of 2.8m with 0.3m below the river basin. 

There is currently a temporary fence between the path and the river bank. 

It is thought otters use the river for commuting and Torfaen Borough Council will require working methods during construction to protect them. An environmental management plan to address potential pollution will also be required. 

A “poor quality” Ash tree and “low quality” Hazel and Goat Willow trees will be removed as part of the works while fencing will be required to protect the Goat Willow and Hazel trees and group of Sycamore trees that are to remain.