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The Welsh language voices in shaping health and social care

LLAIS has created a collaborative partnership with Yr Urdd, Merched y  Wawr, Mudiad Meithrin and Mudiad Ffermwyr Ifanc Cymru.  

The initiative will focus on bringing Welsh speaking voices into the  conversation around health and social care services in Wales and aims  to create a bridge that enables Welsh speakers from different  backgrounds and localities to be involved in shaping services that  directly impact their lives. 

This initiative is part of Llais’ mission to foster open dialogue between  the public, decision makers, and service providers, and this collaborative  partnership is an important step in its commitment to including all voices  in the conversation. 

The organisations will work together to create more opportunities to  collect the opinions of individuals through the medium of Welsh across  the various communities of Wales to improve the health and social care  they receive. 

Professor Medwin Hughes, Chair of Llais noted: “Establishing such a  partnership between these national organisations recognises the linguistic and cultural diversity of Wales and its significance in shaping  health and social care services. Llais was established to be an inclusive  independent body that works in partnership to promote the rights and  expectations of people who live in our communities throughout Wales and this partnership embodies this approach. I look forward to more  developments such as this in coming months.” 

Sian Lewis, Director of Yr Urdd said: “Yr Urdd is proud of the opportunity  to ensure that the voices of young people in Wales are heard when  refining health and social care. This is a great platform to make sure that  there is an opportunity for young people to offer their opinion on various  important topics.” 

Tegwen Morris, National Director of Merched y Wawr noted: “Merched y  Wawr places great importance on developing well-being opportunities.  This collaboration will ensure that the voices of our members are heard  and can influence relevant developments. We look forward to working  with Llais to develop the work.” 

Gwenllian Lansdowne, Chief Executive, Mudiad Meithrin noted: “Ensuring opportunities to find out the opinions of individuals who are  involved in the health and well-being of children’s early years  development is important to Mudiad Meithrin. That is why collaboration  with Llais is important. We look forward to developing a partnership that  will provide further opportunities of working together.” 

Welcoming the partnership, Mared Rand Jones, Chief Executive of  Mudiad Ffermwyr Ifanc Cymru stated: “We are proud of the opportunity to work with Llais. Listening to the diverse voices of our members  across Wales is important, especially when considering various health  and care issues in our rural communities.”


Llais was established in April this year as an independent statutory body  to give the people of Wales a much greater voice in the planning and  provision of health and social care services across Wales.  

Llais believes in a healthier Wales where people receive the health and  social care services they need in a way that works best for them.  

Collecting real life stories and feedback about using NHS and social  care services will help Llais develop and improve services across Wales.