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Candidates for the Swansea West seat: General Election 2024

As the UK prepares for the general election on July 4, 2024, the Swansea West constituency is witnessing a diverse and competitive race among seven candidates. This constituency has a history of strong Labour support, but each candidate is bringing a unique platform to the table.

Candidates Standing in Swansea West

Torsten Bell (Labour Party)
Torsten Bell, the Labour candidate, focuses on social justice, improving public services, and addressing the cost-of-living crisis. Bell’s campaign emphasizes Labour’s commitment to enhancing healthcare and education, as well as implementing robust policies for economic stability. With a strong background in economic policy, Bell aims to leverage his expertise to benefit Swansea West

Tara-Jane Sutcliffe (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Tara-Jane Sutcliffe, the Conservative candidate, is campaigning on a platform of economic growth, tax reductions, and public safety. Sutcliffe promises to support local businesses, enhance infrastructure, and implement stringent crime policies. She aims to attract investment and create job opportunities, positioning the Conservative Party as the driver of economic prosperity in Swansea West

Gareth Bromhall (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Gareth Bromhall represents the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, advocating for workers’ rights and public ownership of essential services. Bromhall’s campaign is driven by the need to address income inequality and ensure that public services remain in public hands. He emphasizes the importance of a fair and equitable society through traditional leftist policies

Patrick Benham-Crosswell (Reform UK)
Patrick Benham-Crosswell, from Reform UK, focuses on significant reforms in immigration policies, reducing taxes, and scrapping Net Zero policies. His campaign highlights the need for common-sense policies, protecting borders, cheaper energy, and upholding British values and free speech. He offers an alternative to the major parties, aiming to bring fresh perspectives to the constituency

Peter Jones (Green Party)
Peter Jones, the Green Party candidate, centers his campaign on environmental sustainability and social justice. Jones advocates for immediate action on climate change, promoting renewable energy projects, and reducing carbon emissions. His platform includes policies for social equity, aiming to ensure fair treatment and opportunities for all citizens

Michael Ely O’Carroll (Liberal Democrats)
Michael Ely O’Carroll, representing the Liberal Democrats, promotes education reform, healthcare improvements, and progressive environmental policies. O’Carroll’s campaign emphasizes the need for better educational resources, improved healthcare services, and significant actions against climate change. He focuses on community engagement and practical solutions to enhance the quality of life in Swansea West

Gwyn Williams (Plaid Cymru)
Gwyn Williams is the Plaid Cymru candidate, emphasizing Welsh independence and cultural preservation. Williams’s campaign advocates for greater local control over education and health services, support for the Welsh language, and sustainable economic policies. He aims to represent the unique cultural and economic interests of Swansea West, promoting Plaid Cymru’s vision of an autonomous Wales

Campaign Highlights and Key Issues

Key issues for Swansea West voters include healthcare, economic stability, environmental sustainability, and local governance. The candidates have been addressing these concerns through various campaign promises and local engagements. The election results in Swansea West will be pivotal in shaping its future, and voters are encouraged to participate actively in the democratic process.

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