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Business Change Manager at FCA Transforms Professional Landscape with MA in Coaching and Mentoring

THE UNIVERSITY of WALES TRINITY SSINT DAVID (UWTSD) is proud to celebrate the exceptional academic and professional achievements of Angie Kelly, who has recently completed the MA in Coaching and Mentoring, that is offered through the Professional Practice provision. Her journey through this degree has not only enhanced her individual capabilities but has also made a significant impact on the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) internal coaching network and departmental operations.

Angie, a Business Change Manager and Internal Coach at the FCA, chose to pursue an MA in Coaching and Mentoring at UWTSD where she was able to build upon the foundations laid by her previous Integral Practitioner coaching diploma and use her professional coaching experience to claim academic credits for up to two-thirds of the MA. Angie said:

“I felt this was an important next step in my development as a coach, especially since I’m now a part of the FCA’s internal coaching network. I also decided I was ready to challenge myself academically.”

The practical application of Angie’s research, conducted as part of her degree, has produced noteworthy insightswithin her department at the FCA. The senior leadership team is actively considering the recommendations derived from her Work-based Learning (WBL) project, which focuses on integrating professional coaching with managerial coaching, mentoring, and training to foster employee growth and development. Key initiatives, such as developing a coaching culture, have been proposed to enhance the overall work environment.

Additionally, Angie’s role in the FCA’s Internal Coaching Network has been significantly enriched by her research insights. This includes the introduction of coach biographies, refining the coaching and client matching process, and updating essential documentation. These enhancements are aimed at professionalising the network and optimising the support provided to employees.

Angie reflects on how the MA in Coaching and Mentoring at UWTSD has profoundly impacted her personal and professional development. She explained: 

“The course has significantly increased my reflective capacity and therefore my reflective inquiry as a coach. This has strengthened my coaching practice and deepened my level of self-awareness, which in turn helps my clients to expand beyond their current level of awareness and make the shifts they desire.”

In her business change role, Angie has honed strategic and complex thinking abilities, developed greater self-belief, and gained a sense of gravitas. The course has empowered her to challenge more, trust her intuition, and act confidently in her professional endeavours.

Describing the course, Angie highlighted the dual components: the Recognition of Accredited Learning (RAL) module and the Work-based Research Project module. 

“RAL offers you the opportunity to challenge yourself mentally and emotionally, reflecting on the learning that has brought you to this point in your career. The research project allows you to conduct workplace research that delivers actionable recommendations to benefit your organisation.”

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Angie highly recommends the MA in Coaching and Mentoring at UWTSD to professional coaches aiming to grow and develop their practice. 

“It’s an invaluable experience for any coach looking to deepen their skills and expand their professional impact.”

Reflecting on her journey, Angie expressed immense gratitude towards her supervisors, Sarah Loxdale and Lowri Harris. She said: 

 “They challenged me, offered guidance, and were excellent cheerleaders. They were lighthouses for me when things got tough, and I can’t thank them enough.”

Sarah Loxdale, Senior Lecturer for the Professional Practice provision at UWTSD, praised Angie Kelly for her exceptional dedication to promoting coaching within her organisation. She said, “Angie’s journey through the programme has not only enhanced her capabilities as a coach but has also delivered tangible benefits to the Financial Conduct Authority’s internal coaching network and operations.

“Her dedication and the actionable insights from her research are a testament to the transformative power of our curriculum. We are incredibly proud of her achievements and the positive changes she continues to implement within her organisation.”

Lowri Harris, Programme Manager for the Professional Practice Framework stated, “Angie’s unwavering commitment to coaching within her organisation is truly admirable. Her efforts not only highlight the significant impact of the Professional Practice Framework but also align with the University’s mission to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills required for encouraging positive change.”