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“Participatory Budgeting” – For the Community, by the Community – Let’s talk about Llandeilo

Let's Talk about Llandeilo

A PILOT project by CAVS and the Welsh Assembly Government Transformation Fund on new ways of managing public money has entered its second phase this week. 

Following its first public meeting on October 7th the “Participatory Budgeting” project involved Llandeilo residents in identifying and prioritising community needs, exploring possible solutions and then deciding which are given funding at an event in February 2022. 

Chaired by Owen James, previous Mayor and current council member, the first meeting on October 7th invited the community to share their initial thoughts and raise any questions. 

Llandeilo residents are asked to take five minutes to answer a number of questions: 

1. What will make your life better? 

2. What is the best way to keep you informed of project development 

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3. Would you like to attend the Event in February in-person or on-line?

One of the delivery boxes at Nice Price News

Consultation forms have been hand delivered to households in Llandeilo and are available online at  https://cavs.org.uk/engagement/llandeilo-participatory-budget-pilot/community-consultation/ 

Paper responses can be left in designated boxes at: MARYELLENS@139, Nice Price News, Llandeilo co-op, Local schools until Nov 1st, or can be collected by contacting [email protected] 

Results will be discussed at the next public Zoom meeting on November 11th which anyone can register for via this link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/beth-am-siarad-am-landeilo-lets-talk-about-llandeilo-tickets-188641500807

Leading up to the next public meeting on November 11th the community are also tasked with forming a committee to lead and drive the project forward.

“This process is being trialled in many spheres and sectors,” explains CAVS Health and Wellbeing officer Jackie Dorrian. 

“and it definitely has a place in public spending. With limited resources comes the need to address the priorities at a grassroots level. I am thrilled to be involved and look forward to the next meeting on November 11th where the priorities of this community will be shared. I highly recommend that everyone gets involved”.

Delivery box at MARYELLENS@139

Jamie Horton, community volunteering development officer who is CAVS’ lead, believes that Llandeilo is the ideal partner in this venture, “More recently I have had the privilege of supporting Llandeilo and working with the Covid-19 volunteer group, the Community Action group, Food Hub, Menter Dinefwr and a host of other community groups throughout the pandemic. I approached Llandeilo with this pilot because of the outstanding evidence of community connections”, she continues, “This is a pilot project being run across West Wales with colleagues supporting similar projects in New Quay and Saundersfoot. We are all looking at different models of delivering the same outcomes and will report on lessons learned in early 2022”.

Llandeilo Community Action Chair and town councillor Christoph Fischer has complete confidence that participatory budgeting will encourage the community to look at the identified priorities from a place of strength.

“Llandeilo is rich with experience and passion for community. We believe in developing our community through looking positively at what we can do to achieve what needs to be done. It will be a great opportunity for us to have a true representation from the people in our community and we need to share their voices for them to be heard”.

This project will be informed, developed and created by the Community of Llandeilo with the support of a wider network. Jamie is joined by her Health and Wellbeing colleague, Jackie Dorrian, Community Connector Plus, Susan Smith, Time banking and Housing Officer, Nicky Sandford and local residents Christoph Fischer, Owen James and Sara Rees. They will be on hand to support the committee, provide workshops for residents and offer their time in any way identified by the community themselves.

Updates will continue to be shared through CAVS website as well as local social media.