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Wayne Erasmus: I am the dedicated voice for Elli Ward

WAYNE ERASMUS was born and raised in Loughor, his journey began at the age of 17 when he joined the Merchant Navy as an Engineering Cadet, eventually rising to the esteemed rank of Chief Engineer. His career has spanned significant contributions, including pivotal roles in the construction of HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales. This experience has instilled in him a strong sense of duty, precision, and leadership, he told Herald.Wales

Wayne told this newspaper: “For the past 35 years, I have called Hendy my home. It’s here that I founded the Hendy Junior Football Club, fostering youth sports and community spirit. My commitment to grassroots sports led me to challenge and successfully negotiate fairer play fees with the Carmarthenshire County Council, ensuring the vibrancy of local football in the Llanelli area.

“Beyond sports, I have been a proactive voice in community matters such as the Strady Hotel issue, where I supported peaceful protests against government actions lacking proper consultation. My efforts always aim to highlight and address our community’s concerns with empathy and action.”

Key candidate points:

Local Advocacy for Elli Ward:

– Parking Solutions: Acknowledging the parking challenges in Elli Ward, I advocate for innovative use of existing car parks to alleviate congestion, respecting the modern needs of our community.
– Supporting Families: With three grandchildren in Elli Ward, I am personally invested in creating a safe, vibrant community for our families and future generations.

A Vision for Wales:

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I stand against the complacency and inefficiency of the current two-party system, advocating for a Wales that values democracy, transparency, and fairness. The issues at both local and national levels, from the handling of the 20 mph policy to agricultural policies affecting our farmers and food prices, demonstrate a need for change. We deserve a government that listens, understands, and acts in our best interest.

Join Me in Building a Better Future for Elli Ward and Wales

Your support can bring about the change we need. Together, we can address local issues head-on, challenge ineffective policies, and foster a community that thrives on respect, collaboration, and progress. Vote Wayne Erasmus for Elli Ward — a voice for integrity, community, and change.

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