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Historic enthronement of the 130th Bishop of St Davids draws hundreds

IN A CEREMONY steeped in tradition and spirituality, the new Bishop of St Davids, Bishop Dorrien, was formally enthroned at St Davids Cathedral over the weekend, marking a new chapter for the diocese that spans Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, and Pembrokeshire. The service, attended by a congregation of hundreds, follows his recent consecration at Bangor Cathedral by the Archbishop of Wales, Andrew John, where he received the Mandate necessary to assume his sacred office.

Elected in October to become the 130th Bishop of St Davids, Bishop Dorrien’s enthronement commenced with the symbolic knocking at the cathedral’s West Door, a gesture signifying his request for admission. Welcomed by the Dean and Chapter of the cathedral, he was presented with his Mandate, affirming his right and responsibility to lead.

Bishop Dorrien Photo from The Diocese of St Davids, Church in Wales Facebook page.

The ceremony was rich with symbolism, including the bestowal of items each representing facets of the Bishop’s ministry: a ring symbolizing authority and fidelity, a cope signifying his role in worship, a mitre reflecting the Holy Spirit’s presence, and a crozier embodying Christ’s role as the Good Shepherd. These items were presented to Bishop Dorrien before he was led to the Episcopal Throne in the Quire for installation by the Dean of St Davids, Dr. Sarah Rowland Jones.

Following the formalities, Bishop Dorrien was introduced to the assembly, which included dignitaries and representatives from across the diocese, such as the Lord Lieutenant of Dyfed, the High Sheriff, and the Mayor of St Davids. In his sermon, the Bishop shared personal reflections, recalling his first visit to the cathedral at eight years old and expressing the profound significance of his return as its Bishop. He spoke of his dedication to serving the diocese and his commitment to bringing hope, safety, reassurance, and healing to those in need, in accordance with the teachings of Christ.

The service concluded with Bishop Dorrien extending a blessing over the city of St Davids and the diocese, a symbolic act of goodwill and leadership outside the cathedral’s West Door. The enthronement of Bishop Dorrien not only marks a significant moment in the history of St Davids Cathedral but also heralds a future filled with promise and expectation for the diocese under his guidance.