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Conservative candidate pledges to “Put Llanelli first”

LOCAL NHS worker Charlie Evans has been adopted as the Welsh Conservative candidate for Llanelli in the upcoming General Election.

Charlie lives in the constituency in Gorslas, works for NHS Wales and has been developing plans to recruit, retain and train more nurses and midwives in Llanelli and Wales. He has also previously developed long covid services, and now works in a performance management capacity.

He said: “After 100 years of Labour, it’s clear they have taken Llanelli for granted. And things are getting worse. Our NHS is struggling, with not enough support being given to Prince Philip Hospital. Local GP practices are under threat. And waiting times in Wales are the worst in Britain.”

The former Deputy Store Manager of M&S Llanelli Parc Trostre added: “Levelling-up our town centre is a huge area of focus for me. I will work with local businesses, the Council, and Government in Cardiff and London, to build on the recent £15 million investment from the UK Conservative Government.”

Charlie is a Director of the Xcel Project in Carmarthen, which manages the local Foodbank, and furniture recycling and debt advisory services. He is also a rugby referee and referees the Scarlets Academy and clubs across the constituency.

Charlie believes Labour are pursuing the wrong priorities for Llanelli.

“Blanket 20mph policies; bizarre plans to turn Llanelli into a city; putting farmers out of business with their new ‘Sustainable Farming Scheme’- Labour are always pursuing pet projects over the people’s priorities.

“I am full of energy and ideas, and during the campaign, I cannot wait to hear from as many residents as possible. As your Member of Parliament, I will always put Llanelli first.”