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Open event staged at North Pembrokeshire community wind turbine site

It took ten bumpy years to complete as a a result of planning and finance setbacks, but this week locals are being given the chance to find out how the 900kw Cwm Arian community wind turbine at Llanfyrnach finally won the day. 

As a result of the community group’s dogged perserverance, the turbine has been generating renewable energy since the autumn of 2019. 

With many other community groups now keen to develop similar local energy projects, Cwm Arian organisors believe a visit to the turbine will be the ideal opportunity to learn of the Llanfyrnach wind turbine’s story and consider the various opportunities that are available for renewable energy providers.

The open event takes place this Friday, April 14, at 6.30pm. 

The postcode for the field gate and track is SA35 0DF, with the turbine being situated on the Llanfyrnach to Llanwinio road. 

 Visitors will have the opportunity to walk round the turbine base and see how the system links into the national grid. 

 People are asked to bring folding chairs and to wrap up well.

There will be free tea, coffee and cake available on site, and the whole event is free of charge. It is being held as part of the Pembrokeshire Community Hub season of spring talks and events.