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Pembrokeshire West Wales

Outstanding success from Estyn for staff and students at Redhill High School

When a school receives the commendation that its ‘performance in public examinations is outstanding’, it knows it must be onto a good thing.

But when that school has only been in existence for five years, its success is even more remarkable.

Last term Redhill High School in Clynderwen, received this exceptional endorsement from Estyn inspectors following their visit to the school in January.

Their report described the school as being ‘an aspirational environment, whilst ensuring its pupils are not overburdened by workload or expectations’.

“Behaviour at Redhill High School is exemplary’,” commented the report, “while the performance in public examinations is outstanding.”

Thanks to the leadership of the headmaster Alun Millington, his deputy, Bethan Millington, and their exceptional team of staff, the inspectors stated that lessons are conducted in ‘a calm, purposeful atmosphere of mutual respect’.

 “Senior leaders have built and maintain outstanding relationships with parents, and the leaders’ operational management of the school is extremely strong’.

And it wasn’t just the staff who were complimented.

“The pupils’ attitude to school and to each other is exemplary,” continued the report. 

“They have strong working relationships with staff and have exceptionally high levels of trust, confidence and respect for their teachers. Importantly, pupils know that staff will address any concerns that they have’.

Headmaster Alun Millington is understandably delighted with the inspection’s findings.

“The outstanding inspection report is a just reward for the hard work and togetherness of our school community,” he told The Pembrokeshire Herald.

 “To think that we’ve been able to achieve this great success in such a short space of time, not forgetting the challenges that the pandemic threw in as well, is wonderful.”

Now Mr Millington is keen for everyone to enjoy the recognition that’s been given to the school by Estyn.

“I’m so very proud and privileged to lead this incredible school,” he concluded.

“To have the inspectors recognise that our students demonstrate what they described as ‘confidence and modesty’ whilst achieving such excellent academic outcomes says everything about the school’s values.”