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Woman assaulted in front of young children

A PEMBROKE DOCK man will be sentenced next month after admitting assaulting a woman in front of very young children.

The bench at Haverfordwest Magistrates’ Court heard how on Saturday, February 4, Benjamin Beasley, 34, assaulted a woman at her home in Pembroke Dock, causing her actual bodily harm.

Kelly Rivers for the Crown Prosecution Service told the court how the pair had been playing cards at the property and shared a few drinks when an argument broke out.

Ms Rivers added that Beasley had become aggravated and his ‘eyes narrowed’ which is something that happens when he becomes aggressive.

Beasley punched the woman to the side of her face followed by repeated punches to the side of her body.

The blows caused the victim to fall onto the bottom step of the staircase.

Ms Rivers then added how the defendant placed his arm around the neck of the victim and pushed into it, although she confirmed that the force used did not interfere with the woman’s breathing.

After the attack, Beasley went into the kitchen and smashed the cooker causing the glass in the door to shatter across the floor.

The court heard how there were seven children in the house at the time of the assault, Ms Rivers added: “A seven-year-old child called the police.”

Upon arrest, the defendant was found to be in possession of a metal knuckleduster.

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Beasley pleaded guilty to one count of assault causing actual bodily harm, one charge of possessing an offensive weapon and one charge of criminal damage.

During mitigation, defending solicitor Mr Kelleher told the court that his client “seems to have a problem with excessive drinking” although he added this isn’t something that happens regularly.

The case was adjourned for sentencing so that probation can compile an all options report.

Beasley was released on bail on the condition that he does not contact the victim by any means; that he does not enter Pembroke Dock apart from attending appointments with his solicitor; he must also reside at an address in Plas Peregrine, Steynton.

The defendant must also obey a tag-monitored curfew.

Beasley will be sentenced on March 1.