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Gogglebocs Cymru star Molara is local celebrity in home village of Crymych

A hit reality TV programme has turned a Pembrokeshire mum-of-two into a local celebrity

Molara Awen, 58, from Crymych, is one of the stars of the Welsh language version of Gogglebocs.

She appears on Gogglebocs Cymru with her daughter, Maisie, 21, and son Finn, 23.

The series  – where  ordinary people voice their opinions about a range of television programmes – is broadcast on S4C on Wednesdays at 9pm.

When she goes to her local shop or the garage for fuel near her home friends and neighbours often want to chat with her about the show

“They’ll say things like ‘Oh we saw you on the television last night’ or ‘I didn’t know you were on it’ and then they will ask me what programmes we’ve been watching and what I think about the programmes and what will be featured in the next show.

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“Most of them are really interested in Gogglebocs Cymru and are fascinated about how the programme is made. They seem to think we film it ourselves and don’t realise there’s a film crew in the room as well,” she laughed.

“Because the children live outside Wales they don’t get the same attention as I do at home in Pembrokeshire but their friends have commented about it to them on social media or when they’ve met.

“It never occurred to me that we would attract any attention but it has been is pretty manageable,” she said.

A noted singer, choirmaster and diversity activist, Molara found a new love of Welsh culture through taking part in the popular programme.

Now some of the people she meets ask her for suggestions of what programmes to watch on S4C and other channels.

“I’m quite specific about what I watch and always record programmes to watch when I want and not when they’re on. I don’t enjoy quiz programmes at all and I’m certainly not a Pobol y Cwm type person but I enjoy quality drama series like Y Gwyll.

“I enjoyed Pren ar y Bryn, that was really good, a quirky, off the wall series and Gwesty Aduniad was good too,” she said.

Originally from Glossop in Derbyshire, Molara started learning the Welsh language after moving to Pembrokeshire more than 25 years ago.

“I’m a Welsh learner and am quite fluent although I still go to classes so it’s good for me to be watching TV in Welsh.

“It was quite funny when the tutor asked what we were going to be doing before the next class and I said I’d be going on national television to speak about what I’ve been watching on S4C.

Molara takes part in Gogglebocs Cymru in Bristol where her children now live and work. Maisie is studying to become a mechanical engineer at the Royal United Hospital in Bath and Finn works in a bar.

Gogglebocs Cymru is made by two Gwynedd-based television production companies, Cwmni Da, in Caernarfon, and Chwarel, from Cricieth.

It’s the first time Studio Lambert and Channel 4 have licensed the Gogglebox franchise to another UK-based broadcaster.

The programme is filmed in the homes of the as the cast as they view the week’s chosen programmes.

They cover a broad spectrum of programmes from S4C, other channels and streaming services ranging from gripping drama to popular quiz shows.

The footage is then edited ready for broadcast on the Wednesday evening and narrated by comedian and broadcaster Tudur Owen.

Series Producer Huw Maredudd, of Cwmni Da, said: “This is a continuation of the series which started before Christmas with the same group of people as before taking part.

“There were some wonderful moments during those programmes and some great comments were made about the various television programmes and there was a warm response to them on social media.

“The viewing figures were also excellent and the programmes we feature enjoy a boost to their viewing figures as well..

“Of course, we don’t expect all the featured programmes to be enjoyed by everyone but we hope that the fact they are all having fun watching the programmes gathered around the TV set together comes through.”

Huw added because the series is continuing there will be no new elements to the programmes but he expects to provide the cast and viewers with a few surprises.

“Something we’re doing for the first time is watching a live programme. The annual Can i Gymru programme is broadcast live on S4C on St David’s Day, March 1 and we’ll be watching along with the regulars and we’ll have their reactions to that on the following Wednesday,” he said.

Gogglebocs Cymru is broadcast on S4C on Wednesdays at 9pm. English subtitles will be available and the programme can also be viewed on S4C Clic, BBC iPlayer and other streaming platforms.