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Hangar hits high note as ‘This is Queen’ rocks the night away in Milford Haven

MILFORD HAVEN witnessed a dazzling spectacle on the evening of Saturday, 2nd December, as the newly minted ‘Hangar’ venue played host to a sold-out crowd that revelled in a night of musical brilliance. The air was charged with excitement as fans flocked to witness the acclaimed Queen tribute band, ‘This is Queen,’ deliver an unforgettable performance that left attendees raving well into the night.

The Hangar, a modern addition to Milford Haven’s entertainment landscape, proved to be a fitting stage for the iconic sounds of Queen. Concerns about the venue’s warmth in the face of the chilly weather were quickly dispelled, as concert-goers found themselves pleasantly surprised by the cosy atmosphere within. The sleek, contemporary design of the Hangar set the scene for an electric atmosphere that only intensified as the night progressed.

Undoubtedly, the stars of the show were the talented members of ‘This is Queen,’ who flawlessly channelled the spirit of the legendary band. The Freddie Mercury impersonator, in particular, left audiences in awe, capturing not only the vocal prowess but also the unmistakable charisma of the Queen frontman.

One enthusiastic concert-goer exclaimed, “The tribute band was incredible, and the Freddie Mercury look-alike was spot on! It felt like we were transported back in time to witness Queen in their prime.”

Despite the evening’s resounding success, the post-concert hustle posed a minor challenge. Navigating the chaos to secure a taxi proved to be a test of patience for some attendees. However, it’s important to note that this logistical hiccup is not a reflection on the venue but rather an expected aspect of any sold-out event.

Reflecting on the night, one concert attendee remarked, “The venue was fantastic, and the drink prices were reasonable. The only letdown was the struggle to get a taxi at the end. But, honestly, that’s a small price to pay for such a top night out!”

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In conclusion, the Queen tribute at the Hangar was a resounding success, leaving an indelible mark on Milford Haven’s entertainment scene. The combination of an exceptional venue, a sold-out crowd, and a stellar tribute band created an atmosphere that truly celebrated the timeless music of Queen. As the echoes of the performance linger in the memories of those fortunate enough to attend, it’s evident that the Hangar has etched its name as a premier destination for unforgettable live entertainment in Pembrokeshire