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‘Conversations in Colour’ by Cynth Weyman at the Courtyard Gallery, Picton Castle, this month

‘Conversations in Colour’ is Cynth Weyman’s solo collection of traditional fine art paintings & contemporary textile artworks. Exhibition runs at Picton Castle from September 2nd to 29th 2023.

Cynth Weyman’s watercolour paintings inspire her ‘Intaglio Strati’ textile reliefs. Luscious silk, cotton and fine wool fabrics are placed and stitched together. Areas are cut away to reveal bold colours, textures and stories. Fabrics and contemporary design convey atmosphere, mood or drama. Artworks are often mistaken for stained glass. 

Picton Castle’s Courtyard Gallery is open all week (10am – 4.30pm) and shows original paintings, textile relief art quilts & panels plus framed reproduction giclee prints.  

Cynth Weyman will be in residence on Wednesdays 11am-4pm.   Visitors can discover a lot more about her mouth-watering artworks. She’ll be working on a new piece called ‘Couple in a Landscape’ inspired by the 3000 year old marble floor in Hagia Sofia, Istanbul. Whilst being inspired by the repaired floor patterns, one puzzled man asked ‘What is she doing down there?’ Husband David replied ‘She’s an artist – don’t worry!’ Later, a whole watercolour series appeared. 

‘My posh scarves’, cards and botanical paintings and prints will also be available during residency events.

Visitors comments: ‘it’s amazing …so colourful…so many stories….an incredible technique…unique…I’ve never seen it before…‘Yet Another Amazing Sunset’ just drew me in… I shall tell everyone’.

Courtyard Gallery and Studio Gallery are next to the castle, shop and a super restaurant. Castle tours, the gardens and woodland walks are full of new surprises. Birds of prey and otters too. A day packed with adventure and inspiration for all. 

The Courtyard Gallery door opens to ‘Yet Another Amazing Sunset’ textile relief (18 fabric layers) and leads you to a contemplative themed series ‘Hidden Strengths’- experiences shared by most of us.  Parts of Pembrokeshire’s National Coastal Path includes ‘Rock Woman’ Pwllgwaelod series. Yes, she does exist!  Also seascapes of Porthgain, Ceibwr, Haroldstons Chin, Tenby Caves – always looking for images that we often miss. How does a piece of driftwood become a ‘Welsh Dragon – Llanstephan’?

 ‘Diary of an Artist’ series art quilts are in bold and beautiful Rajasthan silks gathered on my travels. Ongoing images take you through the journeys of most artists.  ‘Retire to Wear Purple-No Chance!’ certainly reflects that artists never really retire – but, we may rest a while. ‘My Brain, She Boils’ illustrates Cynth’s creativity and hectic lifestyle. 

Cynth’s family tree ‘What’s in a Name – Weyman’ symbolises the members of farming communities based in Hopton Castle in the Marches since 1549. It depicts current creative members – not enough space for all the farmers! 

‘Mechanics World of Freedom’ was inspired by pupils at St Francis School Milford Haven. Families valued summer holidays. The young folk created the title too. A project that led up to Cynth’s exhibition at Futures Gallery at Y Senned Cardiff, sponsored by Paul Davies AM.

Like many female artists, surnames often change. ‘Cynth Weyman’ as her professional name, pays tribute to her great grandmother who rescued the family name. As the only textile and wood carving member, she was a great influence. Also, the name ‘Weyman’ has provided good providence for Cynth’s artworks. 

Visitors often interpret their own stories or images from even the simplest seascape artworks. Conversations during exhibitions often lead to creating another artwork in an ongoing series. Floor and surface patterns in sand are current themes, reminding us to protect incredible images in nature, thus contributing to preserving our environment.

Cynth Weyman’s solo exhibition at Picton Castle has received numerous visitors – all of whom have been intrigued by her ability to create watercolours, then transpose images to her textile relief technique. 

Her Wednesday Residency days have been well received and visitors have seen her creating ‘Couple in a Landscape’ inspired by Hagi Sofia’s 3000 year old marble floor patterns in Istanbul. 

‘Welsh Dragon Llanstephan’s series has amused visitors. A small piece of driftwood became a character and inspired a whole series of paintings and a fabric artwork. ‘Yet Another Amazing Sunset – Pwllgwaelod’ has stolen the show as has Cynth’s thought provoking Hidden Strengths series.

By popular demand, she is also running Meet the Artist Days on Sundays too. For more information, please telephone/text Cynth on: 07772820313.