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Pembrokeshire landfill site causes a stink with residents

Pembrokeshire County Council

Pembrokeshire County Council have been receiving complaints from members of the public relating to odours originating from the Withyhedge Landfill site.

Officers from the Council’s Planning and Public Protection Services have visited the facility this week alongside officers from Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

The site holds a permit issued by NRW and members of the public are encouraged to report any issues with odour to them; but we can confirm that officers from our Public Protection Service will be actively supporting staff in NRW by continuing to monitor odour escape from the site in nearby residential areas.

Whilst NRW is the site regulator, the Council has additional powers concerning whether odours constitute a statutory nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, and their monitoring will continue on this basis.

The site operator has confirmed that a management plan has been put in place and actions are being taken on site to mitigate the situation and reduce impact on surrounding areas.