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Twice-refused dog exercise field application moved to new location 

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THE APPLICANTS behind plans for a north Pembrokeshire dog exercise field are hoping for a case of third time lucky after two previous schemes were refused.

Applicants Mr and Mrs George of Penwernddu Farm, near the village of Newchapel, are seeking permission for a change of use of agricultural land to a dog exercising field, along with associated fencing, road access, and new shed.

Two previous applications for a dog field, have been refused by county planners, the latest scheme relocating from the village of Newchapel to land nearer their farm, some one kilometre away.

A bone of contention on the two previous applications was concerns raised about the noise from barking dogs at the previous site at Ffynnone Dog Field, near the village of Newchapel.

The two retrospective applications were refused in October and May of last year.

Local community council Manordeifi had objected to the previous application, with a string of reasons, including road safety concerns connected with access to the site, noise of barking dogs, a lack of consultation over the plans, emotional distress to residents, and even “verbal altercations between users of the park and residents”.

The May application heard concerns from the council’s pollution control team, with 53 recordings of barking dogs from the site cited, the applicants’ agent Wyn Harries arguing the noise came from residents’ pets, not the site.

Speaking at the October meeting, agent Wyn Harries, of Harries Planning Design Management, said issues surrounding the scheme – in particular reported noise of dogs barking – had created “huge animosity,” with some local people not talking to each other.
A supporting statement with the latest application says: “This application follows two previously refused applications of a similar nature by the same applicants. Due to the previous refusal the applicants have decided to relocate the site away from any neighbouring properties and closer to their farm.

“Additionally, a pre-application was submitted for this development at this location, which has confirmed acceptability in terms of planning of this proposed site.”

It adds: “This relocation of the site follows a positive pre-application response from Pembrokeshire Planning Department, which concluded that the site was suitable and Public Protection had also agreed that the new site was more appropriate for this development.

“This proposal now addresses the reasons for the previous two refusals of this application at a different location. It also incorporates previous community council’s responses and complies with the relevant national and local planning policy and guidance in principle and is deemed to be acceptable in all other detailed matters. As such, it is respectfully considered that the proposed development should be supported by the council’s local planning authority.”

The application will be considered by planners at a later date.