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The Hangar to kick off Six Nations with a BANG featuring The Gerry Cinnaman Experience!

On Saturday, 3rd February, The Hangar in Milford Haven will set the stage for an enjoyable kickoff to the Six Nations as the Gerry Cinnamon Experience wraps up Wales’ opening to the tournament. 

Attendees are in for a special treat with a performance by Gary Digan, aka The Gerry Cinnamon Experience, the UK’s premier tribute to the renowned Gerry Cinnamon.

Recognised as a must-see for fans, Gary Digan consistently sells out venues across the UK, charming audiences not just with his musical talent but also his distinct Scottish accent. The lively energy of his shows, blending upbeat acoustic guitars, soulful harmonica, and heartfelt vocals, promises an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

The anthemic sing-along tracks, infused with social commentary, create a captivating tapestry that resonates with the crowd. Each track, uniquely crafted, ensures a lively and dynamic performance, keeping the audience engaged throughout. Gary’s skillful use of loop pedal harmonies and powerful kick drums adds an extra layer to the performance, creating a truly mesmerising atmosphere.

Known for leaving audiences exhilarated and eager for more, Gary Digan, as Gerry Cinnamon, has become a cultural phenomenon. The upcoming event at Milford Haven Hangar is expected to be no different, easy release tickets of £10 have already sold out, however second release tickets are at £12 + BF.

Beyond the musical experience, the Fan Zone area promises an immersive time for rugby enthusiasts. As the Six Nations begins, fans can soak in the vibrant atmosphere with big The Hangars mighty big screen  (5m x 3m) broadcasting the highly anticipated Wales vs. Scotland match. It’s a perfect blend of music and sports, ensuring an unforgettable day for all attendees.

In the spirit of Carpe Diem, seize the opportunity to be part of this unique event celebrating the fusion of music and rugby. Whether you’re a dedicated Gerry Cinnamon fan or a rugby enthusiast, The Hangar at Milford Haven invites you to an experience that’s sure to make a lasting impression on your Six Nations journey.

Tickets and more info available here: https://www.fatsoma.com/e/mly1uhq4/second-release-tickets-now-on-sale-for-the-gerry-cinnamon-experience-wales-v-scotland-fan-zone-area?utm_campaign=prom_ss&utm_medium=social&utm_source=dynamic