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Give blood and help save lives in Swansea

LOCAL residents are being called upon to help patients in need by giving blood with the Welsh Blood Service.

Donations are still needed daily by hospitals to treat patients with a range of conditions, including mothers and babies during childbirth; cancer patients receiving chemotherapy as part of their treatment; and by patients involved in emergencies.

One donation has multiple uses as it can be split into three products red cells, platelets and fresh-frozen plasma, meaning one donation can save or improve up to three adults or six babies’ lives.

Across Swansea, over 1,000 donations of blood and blood products are needed each month to provide care to patients at Morriston Hospital and Singleton Hospital.

Appointments are available at three locations – Swansea.com Stadium (23 March and 02 April), Swansea Village Hotel (26 March and 23 April) and Gendros (30 March).
Alan Prosser, Welsh Blood Service Director, said: “Every day around 350 donations are needed to help the 19 hospitals in Wales we supply, including Morriston Hospital and Singleton Hospital.

“We’ve always had great support from our donors in the area but we’re urging more residents to consider becoming blood donors and supporting patients in need. We’ve managed to increase our capacity in the area and we’re hoping this will help make it easier for people to donate.

“We are particularly calling on existing AB Negative, O Negative, O Positive and B Negative donors to come forward but if you are a new donor and don’t know your blood type don’t worry, please sign up and we’ll do that bit for you.”

Last month, 794 potentially lifesaving donations were made in Swansea.

Alan continued: “As a Service, we rely on the generosity of people living in Wales to provide vital donations to patients.

“By giving up just one hour of your time, you have a unique opportunity to make a difference to people in your community and beyond.

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“If you’ve never donated before, why not try something incredible this week – sign up to donate at one of the sessions in your local area and become a lifesaver.”

Book a lifesaving donation at: welshblood.org.uk or call 0800 252 266 today.