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Frightened foal falls from a cliff at Rhossili because people wanted selfies with it

Visitors to a well-liked beauty spot in Gower, where they often aim to capture photos and interact with horses roaming near the cliff edge, have been cautioned about the potential hazards following two recent incidents. These occurrences were brought to attention by volunteers stationed at the National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) at Worm’s Head, specifically in the area of Rhossili.

The initial incident entailed a “young lady” getting kicked by a stallion, while the second incident involved a newborn foal falling over the cliff edge in a state of panic, triggered by a group of individuals attempting to take selfies with it. This information was shared in a Facebook post by NCI Worm’s Head.

In light of these incidents, a representative from the National Trust commented: “The land that we care for at Rhossili and along the Gower Coast is home to a variety of special wildlife and livestock that grazes freely across the common land and meadows.”

“We ask everyone that visits Rhossili to follow the Countryside Code and observe a few simple guidelines: Be mindful of all the creatures here by giving them space, that includes the horses, ponies and sheep. And help us to protect this place for everyone to enjoy by keeping dogs on short leads around animals, closing gates and taking your litter home with you.”

Rhossili remains a consistently beloved destination throughout the year, renowned for its breathtaking vistas and the stunning bay that has garnered recognition as one of the world’s most exquisite. Also, during the summer months, its appeal is amplified by the inviting fields of sunflowers that draw visitors.

Regarding the recent occurrences at Rhossili, a post on the NCI Worm’s Head Facebook page said: “Obviously we will always do what we can in these situations, but we wish people would keep their distance from the horses. Only a few weeks ago a newborn foal was lost over the cliffs because it panicked when a group of people tried to get selfies with it.”