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Tackling climate emergency: Make your thoughts and ideas known

Swansea residents have until the end of this month (January 2024) to have they say in a key climate change survey.

As Swansea Council leads the drive to make the city net zero carbon it’s asking citizens: “What actions should your council make top priority?”

Results from the survey will help the council make Swansea net zero by 2050.

The council – which itself aims to be net zero by 2030 – is already working with city organisations to hit the targets which will help fight climate change and the nature emergency.

Andrea Lewis, the council’s joint deputy leader, cabinet member for service transformation and councillor champion for climate change, said: “In the first few weeks of the survey we’ve had some great public feedback.

“We’re eager to get more so we’ve extended the responses deadline to the end of this month.

“The survey’s aimed at all residents of all ages and organisations of all types. The results will help us prioritise our actions as we help the city address this era-defining crisis.

“I encourage people and organisations right around Swansea to take the survey; the short amount of time they take on this will help us invest our efforts in their futures.”

The council is working with key partners on climate change and is inspiring others to join them in making a pledge as part of city-wide action.

Positive action already being taken by the council includes upgrading its fleet of electric vehicles, installing EV charging points for local motorists and focusing more pension funds on sustainable investment.

You can access the survey here – www.bit.ly/SCccs23