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Harness the Sun and reap the savings with a Solar Power system

Celtic Green Energy answers your most burning questions about Solar

Cross Hands based Celtic Green Energy are one of Wales leading renewable energy specialists who have been serving the whole of mid, south and west Wales for the last 10 years. With a small team of energy experts and installers, the company prides itself on experience, best value, best prices, high quality and aftercare service. As an early adopter, the company identified early on the huge benefits of solar power for carbon reduction and long term cost savings – last year’s energy crisis certainly highlighted the nations vulnerability to fuel security. With a growing anxiety of rising energy costs, Celtic Green Energy addressed the consumers’ confusion around solar and embarked on a summer roadshow attending regional shows, exhibitions and shopping centres. It was clearly evident that most consumers shared the same concerns, and their team of energy advisors were able to help shed some light on these issues. The most common issues are revealed here.

1. Why should I consider solar power?

The sun is a freely available natural resource that is used to energise Solar Photovoltaic panels. The panels are made up of a number of wafer thin silicon solar cells encased in a durable self cleaning weather resistant panel which in turn are linked to an inverter that generates electricity. Solar PV panel technology has been widely popularised in recent years with huge improvements in performance and cost reductions making them an affordable solution for everyone who uses electricity. If you are a high energy user such as a business, farmer or holiday home owner, a solar panel system will offer you significant reductions in your future energy costs and help sustain your business. We learn in the press of family bakers and butchers being forced out of business simply on their unsustainable rocketing electricity prices.

2. Is solar energy reliable?

Commercial solar panel systems are a relatively new phenomenon having been popularised only within the last 15 years. The solar PV panels absorb the sun’s rays during daylight including cloudy or overcast weather – if it’s daylight, they are working! Even after dark, there is a solution with Solar Batteries where excess generated electricity is stored and retrieved at night dispensing with the need for expensive National Grid power. With continually emerging technology and improving performance, Solar PV panels are guaranteed to last at least 25 years so represent excellent value for money. As there are no moving parts and performance degradation is miniscule, the solar panel system offers excellent reliability. The Solar Battery and inverters are usually guaranteed for 15 years with extended warranty programmes readily available.

3. Will it be a burden on my finances?

Purchasing a solar power system is an investment that does carry a significant upfront cost, however, this will be soon outweighed with the long term benefits and assured fuel security. As every home or business is unique, so is the design of a solar power system – the solar installer will tailor a scheme to best suit your individual circumstances including a site visit to identify the location parameters and discuss the customer’s needs. Most schemes will see the investment repaid within 4 years, some commercial schemes could be repaid in as little as 14 months, so you will no longer be subject to soaring energy prices and be reassured your investment was worthwhile. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may even be eligible for funding assistance with various prevailing Government schemes to install a solar power system.

4. How do I choose the right provider?

The million dollar question! The Solar Power industry is seeing a deluge in businesses offering installations, from the main utility providers to ‘have-a-go-Jo’s’ ready to make a quick buck. The Solar industry does have very strict regulatory guidelines and consumers are advised to check out MCS accreditation for their local suppliers. If their supplier does not offer MCS certification, they may find that their system may not be compliant with the National Grid and excludes connection and any warranty privileges. Consumers are also reminded that the cheapest solution is not always the best option, we are learning of rogue dealers ‘plug and run’ practices, leaving customers in the lurch with ineffective installations, no aftercare or warranty. Thankfully Celtic Green Energy has a longstanding provenance of quality workmanship and exemplary aftercare with the necessary credentials to provide the best possible solutions for their customers.

5. What about maintenance?

Solar Photovoltaic panels are relatively maintenance free as they have no moving parts and are self cleaning. Depending on certain locations however, some installations are advised to have annual maintenance checks for any signs of wear and tear such as extreme weather damage, moss growth, birds, detritus and traffic pollution. Given the high technology construction, the panels are relatively durable within normal conditions, but consumers are advised not attempt to maintain them themselves as this could cause unnecessary damage such as invasive pressure washers etc. Most reputable installers offer maintenance and service packages.

Sum up…

Next time you awake to a fresh morning cuppa and look out to a sunny day, remember that sunshine could be providing you with free electricity to power your kettle – as well as your washing machine, cooker, television, charging your electric car and lots, lots more! The possibilities for solar power are endless, so if you are concerned about your rising energy costs and want to do something about it, make your next step be a phone call to Celtic Green Energy who will be able to advise you on the best way forward. You can call their energy helpline 01269 500388 or learn more and visit their website at www.celticgreenenergy.co.uk

Here’s to brighter tomorrows and sunnier savings!