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RWE announces Competition that Calls for Global Innovations in Floating Wind Co-use.

RWE, a global leader in offshore wind energy, has officially opened entries for its inaugural “Floating Wind Co-use Competition”, targeting innovators worldwide. The company aims to harness creative solutions that champion both biodiversity enhancement and harmonious co-existence with other maritime activities.

Central to this competition is RWE’s commitment to foster sustainable and inventive approaches tailored for floating offshore wind projects. RWE has achieved ground-breaking and innovative milestones like the installation of the first-ever recyclable rotor blades and the establishment of ‘green’ fuel operation vessels. The firm is also delving into the potential of artificial reefs to boost marine biodiversity.

Sven Utermöhlen, CEO of RWE Offshore Wind, remarked, “Sustainability and biodiversity are not mere buzzwords for us; they’re embedded in every phase of our wind farm projects. We’re urging innovators to bring forth technology and ideas that can augment our efforts to establish offshore wind farms that genuinely benefit the marine ecosystem.”

The competition welcomes entries from a diverse range of participants, from start-ups and research entities to individual inventors. RWE’s emphasis lies in nurturing innovations that not only reduce environmental impacts on marine life but also positively transform the marine ecosystem, aiding local marine stakeholders and particularly supporting fisheries.

Champions of this competition stand to gain invaluable insights by collaborating with RWE’s experts, translating their concepts into real-world applications for floating offshore wind farms in regions spanning Europe, Asia, and America. Moreover, the winners will receive a monetary research grant to refine and amplify their inspirational ideas.

In the global arena, RWE is setting the gold standard by steering efforts toward affordable, commercial-scale floating wind solutions. With landmark demonstration projects already underway in Spain and Norway, RWE’s influence is palpable. The company is poised to make waves in the upcoming UK Round 5 Seabed Lease auction for floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea, foreseen as a lucrative opportunity for the broader Celtic Sea region and the UK.

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Danielle Lane, RWE’s Director of Offshore Wind Development for UK and Ireland, highlighted the competition’s broader vision, stating, “Floating wind development in the Celtic Sea isn’t just about energy; it’s about fuelling economic growth, fostering innovation, and nurturing local communities. Our competition is designed to place innovation and biodiversity at the epicentre of our projects.”

Competition entrants have until the stroke of midnight (CEST) on 31st December 2023 to present their transformative ideas. For comprehensive details and to submit entries, visit www.rwe.com/floating-wind-competition