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Caru Ceredigion – Caru Cymru – Be a lover, not a loser

AS PART of Caru Ceredigion, Ceredigion County Council has been doing a Spring Clean.

Over the last fortnight, a team have been litter picking on the county highway network across Ceredigion. So far they have collected the following:

  • Approximately 1,500kgs of litter, the equivalent to the weight of a family car or two cows.
  • Over 750 bags of rubbish.
  • 50 bags were filled along the 1 mile stretch of the A4159 between Lovesgrove roundabout and Capel Dewi alone.

While this is an amazing effort it is totally avoidable, unnecessary and expensive. Despite working to strict health and safety protocols any work on highways also carries with it some risk.

Littering, like other enviro-crimes such as fly-tipping and dog fouling, makes no sense environmentally or financially and puts people’s lives in danger.

A Ceredigion County Council spokesperson said: “While the roads do look a lot better, unfortunately, within days of the work being done we have seen rubbish re-appear in some places.

“Expecting someone else to clean up all the time isn’t the solution or sustainable. Be a lover, not a loser – get rid of your rubbish responsibly and legally and help keep Ceredigion clean.

“Increasingly, as another part of Caru Ceredigion, we have seen more people wanting to get actively involved in community and beach cleaning activity. The Council very much appreciates this but can only support it when it is undertaken safely which includes in relation to COVID-19.”

Keep Wales Tidy have recently launched their Caru Cymru project, which is very much aligned with Caru Ceredigion.

For further information on Keep Wales Tidy, Caru Cymru and the support available please visit the Keep Wales Tidy website.