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Ceredigion farmer found guilty of nine offences

ON OCTOBER 31, at Aberystwyth Justice Centre the Magistrates passed sentence on Mr. William Lloyd Jenkins, one of the Directors of Jenkins Ty Hen Ltd, which operates the dairy farm at Tyhen Farm, Ferwig.

Mr. Jenkins pleaded guilty to 8 offences under the Cattle Identification Regulations 2007, and 1 offence under the Tuberculosis (Wales) Order 2010.

The Magistrates heard how Mr. Jenkins had consistently failed to report the deaths, or off movements of cattle since 2018. In total, there were over 420 instances of cattle not being reported either dead or moved from the holding in contravention of the Cattle Identification Regulations 2007. The accurate maintenance of animal movements is critical to animal disease control, and the integrity of the food chain.

In addition, the defendant also pleaded guilty to the movement of an Inconclusive TB reactor without a license or authorisation from the Animal and Plant Health Agency. These controls are critical to the control of TB in cattle, and the prevention of spread within the herd and the locality.

The Magistrates heard how the Public Protection service of the Council had written to the Directors of Jenkins Ty Hen Ltd on several occasions since 2018 identifying the breaches of legislation and advising of the legal requirements. Unfortunately the advice was not heeded, and the situation did not improve meaning it had little choice but to bring the case to the Magistrates court.

The company was fined £300 for each of the Cattle Identification Regulations breaches, and £2000 for the breach of the TB Regulations.

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The Cabinet member for Public Protection, Councillor Matthew Vaux said: “The Public Protection service does support the farming industry in Ceredigion by providing advice and guidance to farmers to meet the legal standards. However, in this instance it was disappointing that the standards did not improve. The reporting of animal movements is essential to maintain traceability of livestock, keeping the food chain secure, and is also critical for disease control purposes that safeguards the whole of the farming industry in Ceredigion.”