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Lego fans rally to support Welsh railway line’s historic replicas

IN A BID to immortalise the rich history of the Talyllyn Railway, the world’s first heritage railway line, Lego enthusiasts have thrown their support behind a project that could see Lego replicas of the line’s original locomotives hitting the shelves. The designs, created by Lego user NoahMP7834, are currently seeking public votes on the Lego Ideas website to be considered for production.

The Talyllyn Railway, established in 1865, holds a special place in railway history as the first narrow gauge railway in Britain authorized to carry passengers using steam haulage. Over the years, despite facing severe under-investment, the line persevered and became a symbol of preservation when it was officially designated as a heritage railway by volunteers in 1951.

Not only did the Talyllyn Railway leave a mark on the locomotive industry, but it also inspired the renowned Reverend W Awdry to create the beloved Railway Series of books, which gave birth to the iconic character Thomas The Tank Engine.

NoahMP7834, the designer behind the proposed Lego replicas, drew inspiration from the Talyllyn Railway’s remarkable legacy. Expressing his passion for both Lego and locomotives, Noah shared his motivations, stating, “I always love designing different types of steam locomotives and diesel locomotives out of LEGO, and I am a huge fan of LEGO and its products.”

With a rallying call to fans and rail enthusiasts alike, Noah added, “If you love the Talyllyn Railway, you will love this project. If you love Talyllyn and Dolgoch, you will love this project. If you are a Lego fan, you will love this project. If you love ALL of the above, you will love this project.”

To turn this project into a reality, Noah’s design needs to garner 10,000 votes on the Lego Ideas website. Currently, the project has amassed the support of 667 enthusiasts, with 227 days remaining to reach the target. However, reaching 1,000 supporters would earn the design an additional 365 days for voting, thanks to Lego’s recognition of its potential.

Explaining the process of Lego Ideas submissions, Welsh Lego collector Elinor Owens shared, “If it’s accepted, it must first receive 10,000 votes from the general public. If the build receives 10,000 votes within its allotted time, it will then join a Lego Ideas review.” Owens revealed that typically, Lego conducts three reviews per year to evaluate ideas for transforming them into actual Lego sets. Out of dozens of submissions, only a select few make it to production.

Lego fans and railway enthusiasts can show their support for Noah’s Welsh Lego creation and learn more about the historic locomotives of the Talyllyn Railway by visiting the Lego Ideas website [LINK]. Every vote brings these miniature engines one step closer to becoming a cherished part of Lego’s collection, ensuring that the spirit of the Talyllyn Railway lives on for generations to come.

Support here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/b3708f89-6f73-4ddf-a9dd-d4e5e9978d69