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Wrexham Lager to release new bottles for World Cup

Tonight, in honour of Wales’ participation in the World Cup for the first time in 64 years, Wrexham Beer will release their newest bottled lager (November 3).

The newest release from the beer firm was done so in preparation for the World Cup, which starts in just two weeks from now.

A ‘Wrecsam Lager’ visual has been teased alongside fellow Welsh brand Spirit of 58, known for building a brand purely based on Welsh football, and named after the last and only other time Wales qualified for the World Cup.

The collaboration with the iconic brand would mean that Wrexham Lager turns to a Welsh bottle for the first time in the Welsh brewery’s recent history and the first time since the iconic double sided blue cans.

Lager aficionados will be able to purchase the bottles tomorrow at the shop and online shortly after 6 o’clock tonight, giving them plenty of time to taste them before Wales’ first World Cup encounter, which is scheduled to take place on November 21 against the United States.