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Carmarthen Town AFC praised for its club shop

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.23.04A FOOTBALL team in the Welsh Premiere League has received attention for its club shop in the form of a musical ‘ghetto blaster’ this week. Carmarthen Town AFC’s home for its club’s merchandise is housed in a gigantic 80s boom box stereo set, and can be found at the club’s home Richmond Park. 

The musical stereo, which is located behind the goals at the football ground, was formerly owned by the team’s sponsor and local radio broadcasting station Radio Carmarthenshire. The trailer was set to be sent for scrap but when the club heard of it they decided to rescue it and initiate the lorry as a new member of the club by giving it a new home at the 3000 capacity Richmond Park. The club had to transport the structure to Carmarthen, and in doing so they had to get the assistance of a crane to lift it into the park where the building remains now.

Chris Harte, who is the media officer for the club, explained: “It used to be a promotional lorry for the local radio station, who have a strong link with the club. When we heard they were going to scrap it, we got in touch as we thought perhaps we could do something with it.”

The unique look of the music stereo prompted the club to keep the structure as it was as it sparks a point of interest for fans as well as new people who come to the football ground. Chris Harte continued: “People who come here for the first time can’t believe it.”

The ghetto blaster shop houses a range of products from clothing, photographs of players, key rings, mugs, and badges. There is also decking outside the building which is extremely close to a coffee bar on the football ground where fans can enjoy a refreshment before, during, or after the game.

Chris Harte finalised: “Obviously the club shop doesn’t bring in anywhere near the percentage of income as some of the bigger, major clubs. But it does bring in somewhere in the region of 4% of our total profit – and not only that, it looks fantastic as well.”