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Coffee & Connect in Saundersfoot.

SINCE the start of Lockdown, Saundersfoot Connect Facebook Group has been connecting people online. 

With the lifting of restrictions and more people getting out and about there was a call for an opportunity to connect in person – and so ‘Coffee & Connect’ was born in November 2021. 

A chance to have a cup of coffee, a slice of cake and meet up with old friends and new.

Saturday, April 2, saw the latest Coffee & Connect held at The Boathouse in Saundersfoot – and this time Saundersfoot Connect linked up with Saundersfoot Rotary to collect items for Pembrokeshire Food Bank. In particular they were looking for long-life milk, tinned meat, tinned fruit, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

John Walker-Smith from Saundersfoot Rotary with donations

What an absolutely fabulous response to donations! So many people who came to Coffee & Connect turned up with carrier bags full of tins and other goodies and a few people just popped in to drop bags off too!

John Walker-Smith of Saundersfoot Rotary left with a car full of donations. “What a great donation for the foodbank and £25 in cash as well as the food and provisions. It just shows there are so many wonderful people out there who want to help out” said John. 

“Pembrokeshire Food Bank are already noticing an increase in people needing their services due to rising prices. Thanks for all your help making it a successful morning for the foodbank.”

Wendy Morse (Left) and Sarah Whiddett (Right)

Saundersfoot Connect and Saundersfoot Rotary will be joining forces in the future for other initiatives such as collecting tools, typewriters and sewing machines no longer needed or fallen into disrepair for donation to Tools for Self-Reliance.

Coffee & Connect’s drawer winner this month is Wendy Morse who won a £30 voucher to spend at The BoatHouse. A voucher is purchased at the end of each event with any “profit” and a name is drawn out of the hat to win it next time.

For future Coffee & Connect dates and details of the future collections for Saundersfoot Rotary, please keep an eye on the Saundersfoot Connect Facebook Group or their calendar of events on the Saundersfoot Connect website.
For more information about The Boathouse, see their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/theboathousesaundersfoot or contact them on 01834 811890.