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From Writer to Politician

CHRISTOPH FISCHER, community volunteer and Llandeilo Town Councillor since 2017, announces his candidacy for the Carmarthenshire County Council elections in May, standing for the Llandeilo and Dyffryd Cennen ward.

“I’m a far cry from the solitary writer and dog walker that I originally came here to be,” says Fischer.

The Llandeilo Book Fair which Fischer primarily set up in 2016 to sell his own books turned into a much bigger and wider Literary Festival involving many local artists and volunteers and was well represented by Welsh Language Authors.

Having chaired two of the award-winning festivals, he tentatively took on the chairmanship of the Festival of Senses (which is one of the highlights of Llandeilo’s lead up to Christmas in which the entire community participates) to stop it from folding. “I loved every minute of it and am glad I took the plunge,” he explains. “Seeing how much the festival meant to people made it all worthwhile.”

Christoph Fischer

“When the pandemic hit us, we needed to protect the vulnerable and those self-isolating,” he continues. Instead of sitting back and hoping someone else would initiate this Fischer set up a Facebook group for those in need in and around Llandeilo. This turned into the important & essential Llandeilo Covid Support group, where he coordinated community street volunteers, who made a significant difference to those who were isolated, lonely and also afraid.

This group (after the easing of the pandemic restrictions) morphed into the thriving volunteer and information group the Llandeilo Community Action Hub. “One project led to the other but they all needed someone to make a start,” says Fischer. “As a practical community driven person, I felt I had the skill to do this. People in Llandeilo have always encouraged and supported me and enthusiastically joined these projects I took on: from the litter picking group TACLO to the Llandeilo Youth and Children Society.”

“I was somewhat reluctant when people first suggested I stand for The Llandeilo & Dyffryd Cennen ward in the Carmarthenshire County Council elections. As a Town Councillor I already know how much work is involved but after a lot of deliberation I’ve come to realise that I still have a lot to offer Llandeilo. I was also partly holding back because as a Plaid party member I didn’t want to politicise my community work but with Plaid backing me I could be even more useful to the community.

Christoph Fischer

The response to my candidacy within Llandeilo has been overwhelmingly positive. If I’m successful in May I’m hopeful that with my enthusiasm and passion for the town I’ll be able to continue helping Llandeilo and its wonderful community.

Fischer’s political pledges are aiding recovery of businesses, improving primary school facilities, parking, creating spaces for youngsters and breaking down rural isolation.

Fischer is keen to hear from residents about any issues they may have. You can contact him via [email protected] or 07747613617