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‘Prepare and prevent’

Total Flood Solutions: Prepare and prevent, not repair and repent
Total Flood Solutions: Prepare and prevent, not repair and repent

NIA GRIFFITH MP and members of the Llanelli Flood Forum recently visited Total Flood Solutions in the Gate Business Park in Dafen.

Nia Griffith MP said: “We are very lucky to have here in Llanelli a world class business leader Total Flood Solutions, offering high tech innovative flooding solutions to the world. On the day that we visited, we saw the manufacture of flood-proof doors, hinges and windows, as well as bomb-proof doors being sent to Thailand, and, while we were there, we saw a huge tank fill with water and flood-proof windows holding it back.

“I was very impressed, particularly with the research and development at the state-of-the-art test facility. Whilst it is important to protect property in this way, and insurance and mortgage companies should recognise the protection these products give, local authorities have a duty to discourage building in a flood plain or where development could increase risk to existing properties.”

Managing Director, Neil McDermid, said: “When it comes to flood defence, we are the experts. We employ highly-skilled staff to cover every element of flood defence, from flood risk assessment and consultancy through to the design, manufacture and installation of custom-built flood defence products. It was a pleasure to show Nia Griffith MP and Llanelli Flood Forum Members what we offer to the flood prevention industry.”