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Sky Broadband’s mysterious vanishing act leaves Pembrokeshire locals in internet blackout

Pembrokeshire residents are grappling with a series of broadband outages that have persisted throughout the day and are extending into the evening, leaving many without crucial online services.

From Tenby to Fishguard, numerous Sky and NowTV customers (NowTV is owned by Sky) are reporting a complete lack of internet access since around 9:30am this morning.

At the Argyle Medical Group Pembroke Dock surgery, a somber admission was made this afternoon—phones and computer systems are currently offline due to the ongoing outage. This alarming revelation is echoed by concerned members of the Pembroke Dock and Pembroke Citizens Forum, who have voiced grievances about service interruptions in Haverfordwest, St Davids, Milford Haven, Pembroke Dock, and Kilgetty.

One Facebook user commented on the Pembrokeshire Herald Facebook page said ‘We were told we needed an engineer as their system said there was no problem in the area. Earliest someone can come is 6th September’

Another user ‘Trying to work from home with no Sky Internet. Was told by Sky, issue with our router and their sending an engineer next Wednesday! It’s a joke as it’s a wider issue not just us’

One worried son commented ‘My 88 year old father has no phone or internet. No way to use his smart home devices, such as lighting and doorbell which he relies upon. Telephoned Sky and they’re sending an engineer out NEXT THURSDAY. I hope its a network issue and that its running again soon, otherwise they’re happy to leave him without communications, or ability to make emergency calls for a whole week. (I’m spending the afternoon teaching him how to use an iPhone) . Sky’s response was shocking”

The scope of this incident extends beyond Pembrokeshire’s borders, with reports of similar outages echoing from South Wales, stretching from Llanelli to Cardiff, and even reverberating across central London.

Despite reaching out for clarification, The Herald’s attempt to solicit a response from Sky remains unanswered, even four hours later.

In the meantime, affected residents are urged to consult service status updates: Sky customers can visit https://www.sky.com/help/servicestatus