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Sporting champions to inspire others

Participating students: Gathered at Coleg Sir Gar .

OVER 30 students from secondary schools across the county have taken on the role of sporting champions.

As part of the Silver Young Ambassador programme a training day was held at Coleg Sir Gar’s Graig Campus to give students the knowledge and understanding of a good leader, as well as the skills needed to help increase physical participation in others.

The students worked alongside sport and leisure officers who deliver the county wide training programme.

Its aim is for each school, college or university to have good sporting role models that encourage pupils to take part in sporting activities. It develops young leaders and volunteers further by providing them with responsibility of being an ambassador for PE, school sport and sport within the community. There are three stages – bronze, silver and gold – that start at primary school age right through to university level. Carmarthenshire student Nia Jones is a Platinum Young Ambassador and their voices are heard on sporting matters across Wales

Carmarthenshire Council’s area Actif facilities manager, Lee Jones said: “The ambassador’s role is vital in getting messages across to young people in school sports. Not only are they the young people’s voice but they help to promote the positive values of sport. By keeping fit and healthy at a young age reduces the risk of health issues in later life.”

Part of a Silver Young Ambassador’s role is to assist sport and leisure officers in delivering key priorities such as increasing participation in teenage girls and children with disabilities.

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Working alongside the officers are over 160 Bronze Young Ambassadors in primary schools and a team of Gold Young Ambassador who lead the movement at a county level.

They ambassadors encourage other children in their school to take part in sport and physical activity by running lunchtime clubs.

They also speak in school assemblies, to school governors and invite local clubs into their school as well as helping promote new and existing sport clubs, updating school sport notice boards and websites.

The programme links in with the authority’s ethos of getting more people, more active, more often.