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Yellow wind warning in place for Wales today

A yellow wind warning has been declared for northern and certain areas of central Wales, raising the potential for travel disturbances just before Christmas.

According to the Met Office, transportation services including roads, railways, air travel, and ferries might face disruptions, particularly in exposed coastal regions where gusts could reach up to 80mph (129km/h).

This advisory spans from 00:00 GMT until 21:00 on Thursday, encompassing the majority of northern Wales and sections of northern Powys. Additionally, the forecast includes a caution about the potential for power outages.

Nevertheless, the most intense winds are forecasted for the far north and northeast of Scotland, encompassing the Northern Isles in the morning. During this period, gusts could reach 70-80 mph.

The Danish Meteorological Institute has named this system Storm Pia, as its impact is anticipated to be more pronounced in these areas. Winds are predicted to gradually ease from the west by Thursday evening.

The Met Office further cautioned about potential hazards including airborne debris, power interruptions, and possible disruptions to mobile phone networks.

For those planning to travel, it’s advised to make proactive arrangements and brace for the high winds by securing loose outdoor items like bins, garden furniture, and trampolines.

Individuals residing near coastal areas have been strongly advised against swimming, walking along cliff edges, and are urged to keep pets safely restrained on a leash.

The counties impacted by these warnings are Conwy, Denbighshire, Gwynedd, Anglesey, Wrexham, and certain sections of Powys.