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Alison Hammond breaks down in tears live on This Morning over Phillip Schofield scandal

IN A HIGHLY emotional moment during a live broadcast on ITV this morning, TV presenter Alison Hammond couldn’t hold back her tears as she opened up about her struggles following the Phillip Schofield scandal. The 48-year-old Hammond expressed her deep pain over the continuous media coverage surrounding her former colleague’s personal life.

Schofield, a renowned TV host, recently announced that he would be stepping back from all presenting duties after news broke of his sexual relationship with a young runner on the show. Last night, Schofield admitted to his mistake but firmly denied any accusations of grooming.

Discussing Schofield’s latest comments, Hammond’s voice trembled as she poured her heart out: “I’m just finding it really painful because obviously I loved Phillip Schofield, and it’s weird because I still love Phillip Schofield. However, what he’s done is wrong. He’s admitted it, he’s said sorry.”

Hammond’s emotional turmoil reflects the broader impact the scandal has had on the close-knit team at ITV’s flagship show, This Morning. “As a family, we’re all really struggling to process everything – I never know what to say,” Hammond revealed. Drawing strength from her mother’s wisdom, she continued, “‘Use your Bible as your satnav in life Al,’ my mum always said, and in the Bible, it says ‘he without sin casts the first stone…’ I just don’t want to say anything bad because I’m in conflict.”

Since Schofield’s departure, Hammond has been hosting This Morning alongside Dermot O’Leary for the past two weeks, filling the void left by the scandalized presenter. Holly Willoughby, Schofield’s former co-host, took a two-week break from her presenting duties and is scheduled to return next Monday. However, sources close to Willoughby have revealed that she is being encouraged to sever ties with the program.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Schofield candidly expressed the devastating impact his actions have had on his life. He admitted feeling like he has “lost everything” and described the fallout from the revelations as “relentless.” Schofield pleaded with the media to respect the privacy of his former lover, urging them to leave him alone.

Schofield also addressed the age of his former colleague, stating that their first “kind of sexual contact” occurred when the younger man was 20 years old. While Schofield admitted feeling “utterly broken and ashamed,” he vehemently denied allegations of grooming.

The repercussions of Schofield’s actions continue to reverberate through the television industry, affecting those closest to him. As the public watches the fallout unfold, Alison Hammond’s tearful admission serves as a poignant reminder of the emotional toll such scandals can exact on personal relationships and professional environments.

The This Morning team, including Hammond, O’Leary, and Willoughby, must now navigate the aftermath of Schofield’s actions, seeking to heal and rebuild while providing a familiar and trusted presence for their audience. As the story continues to evolve, many will be watching to see how the program adapts and moves forward in the wake of this deeply troubling chapter.