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Welcome to Herald.Wales – The independent voice for our nation

THE NEW national news website for Wales, Herald.Wales, has launched today (Friday, Feb 26).

The company behind it, Herald News based in Pembrokeshire, says it is investing a considerable sum over the next two years to provide news in both English and Welsh. As well as breaking news, coverage will include politics, entertainment, sport, and opinions from a number of contributors – including Welsh Media Awards (Best columnist) Winner 2019, Matthew Paul.

Political Editor Jon Coles, said: “Launching a national news platform is something we had been thinking of for two years.
“The pandemic and lockdowns made us put the project on pause. Despite Covid-19, our print title, The Pembrokeshire Herald, has bucked the trend of shrinking circulation and that’s encouraged us to take this next step.”

When it comes to Herald.Wales’ stance on the big issues which affect Wales, Jon Coles said: “We will report every political view. Make no mistake, though: we start from the position that Wales should have the choice over whether to be an independent country and we would support independence for Wales in a referendum.
“That doesn’t mean we’re an uncritical voice in support of independence.
“We’re realistic about the challenges it presents us as a nation.
“We will report each side of the debate so our readers can form their own opinions on Wales’ future.”

Herald Political Editor Jon Coles: “We will report every political view”

South & West Wales Editor Tom Sinclair said: “We’ve built a network of contributors across Wales to provide news for every area.

“We will report on local news, news from Wales’ regions, and Welsh national news in Welsh and English. Video content will be important to us.

“Our introductory video has already gained plenty of views and our new Facebook page is getting more followers daily.
“We are confident there is space in the market for a genuinely independent online news source for Wales, to complement what is being offered by the bigger players such as the WalesOnline and BBC Wales websites.”

Herald.Wales South and West Wales Editor Tom Sinclair promises news will cover all areas of wales (Pic: HNU Ltd)

Herald News has received good luck messages from many quarters in Wales. Here is a selection of some of them:

Andrew RT Davies MS, the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Senedd: “I am delighted to be able to write a short piece to welcome the launch of Herald.Wales, which will bring the incisive journalism – which I and my Welsh Conservative Senedd colleagues have experienced! – to a wider, national readership.

“And there’s never been a more important time for it.
“Press – local, regional, and even national – have had a hard time in recent years as many people look for news from other sources, and in my own constituency, the much-loved and well-read Gem titles succumbed to the axe as the pandemic bit. It’s a similar story elsewhere in Wales and the UK.

Welsh Conservative Leader: Andrew RT Davies MS says accurate, nuanced, and balanced news is fundamental to democracy

“The danger that comes from looking for news from other sources – especially social media – is that while “citizen journalists” and commentators will have the passion and the local interest, they don’t necessarily have the skills, nor the editorial standards, that experienced journalists have.
“And with some social media news accounts, even those with vast numbers of followers, it can seem like it’s open season on some people and subjects, while others appear to be a protected species!

“Accurate, nuanced, and balanced news is also fundamental to democracy, and while I and my opposite numbers in other parties disagree on much, we will all rally to the cause of defending a press that is critical, transparent, and honest – and informs, educates, and entertains its readership.
“So, good luck to Herald.Wales as it enters a new chapter.”

Carmarthenshire County Councillor and veteran broadcaster Alun Lenny welcomed the launch, saying: “I welcome this exciting new venture. In an age when so many of us get our news on digital platforms, it’s crucial that the people of Wales are fully informed about what’s happening in our country. And when so much misinformation is presented as the truth on social media, it’s imperative that we have quality and balanced reporting.”

Alun Lenny: It’s crucial that the people of Wales are fully informed

Commenting on the launch Cllr William Powell, Welsh Liberal Democrat Senedd candidate for Brecon and Radnorshire said: ”During the past decade, at a time of steady decline in regional and local papers, and with the longstanding dominance in Wales of the London based daily print media threatening to become a stranglehold, the Herald Group has been a beacon of light.

”I have consistently found the Herald to be committed to lively and investigative reporting, and to seeking out a diversity of views, rather than just ‘cutting & pasting’ the press output of the major tribal UK parties.

”As we look forward to the Senedd and Police and Crime Commissioner Elections in May, the need for scrutiny and in-depth reporting will be greater than ever.

”Thomas Sinclair is to be congratulated on this new venture – and I know that seasoned journalist Jon Coles is to have Powys in his patch. I look forward to working with Herald Wales – and to being grilled on occasion. Our democracy is only as healthy as our free press is robust and independent of sectoral or partisan interest. 

”As Wales goes to the polls & we dare to start hoping for the emergence of a ‘New Normal’ in the turbulent, post Brexit, post Covid world of Climate Emergency, the Herald Wales news service has the potential to make a critical contribution.”