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St Davids crew at RNLI’s thanksgiving service for 200 years of saving lives at sea

THE ST DAVIDS RNLI volunteer crew commemorated the RNLI’s 200th anniversary with a Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey. The event, held on Monday (Mar 4), saw hundreds gather to honour two centuries of courageous and selfless service provided by the lifeboat station’s volunteers to their community and those at sea.

Representing the bravery and dedication of the St Davids RNLI were crew member Chris Limbert and Deputy Mechanic Reuben Palin. Their presence at the ceremony underscored the station’s enduring commitment to maritime safety and rescue operations. Established in the early 19th century, the St Davids lifeboat station has been a beacon of hope, providing critical support to mariners in distress and playing a pivotal role in countless rescue missions.

The Service of Thanksgiving not only celebrated the station’s historic milestone but also paid tribute to the generations of volunteers who have donned the RNLI’s life jackets and braved the treacherous seas to save lives. The congregation reflected on the station’s evolution, from its humble beginnings to becoming an integral part of the UK’s maritime rescue infrastructure.

As the St Davids RNLI looks towards the future, the anniversary serves as a reminder of the unwavering spirit and resilience of its volunteers. The lifeboat station continues to uphold its mission of saving lives at sea, with the support of the community and the dedication of its crew members like Limbert and Palin.

Today’s service not only commemorates a significant milestone but also renews the commitment of the St Davids RNLI to maritime safety and the preservation of lives in the face of peril. As they celebrate 200 years of heroic service, the St Davids RNLI remains steadfast in its vow to protect and serve, ensuring that their legacy of bravery and selflessness endures for generations to come.