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Swansea District branch of Parkinson’s UK issues appeal for members

PARKINGSON’S UK Swansea District branch is appealing for anyone affected by Parkinson’s in the area to become a member of its support group. The group arranges a monthly meeting for people with Parkinson’s, friends, family and carers and provides information, advice, support and friendship. 

The Swansea branch has been running for over 48 years and many people from the local community living with Parkinson’s regularly attend. The group already holds weekly exercise classes  in addition to monthly get togethers, and Chair of the branch Maralyn Thomas, the first Parkinson’s nurse specialist in Wales, has big plans for the future. These include regular social get togethers for people affected by the condition, day trips, physical activity sessions and more. 

Maralyn said: “We recently and very sadly lost our longstanding Chair, Delphine, and we were worried that the Branch would not be the same without her. Delphine and her husband Roger, who has Parkinson’s, were a dynamic duo within the branch. 

“We have all pulled together to make sure we can still provide the much needed local support for people with Parkinson’s and their families. Delphine always said of new people coming to branch meetings that they ‘come as strangers and leave as friends’. We feel refreshed as a group and want to remind people that we are here for anyone affected by Parkinson’s. I have always supported the group and I feel I have come full circle now in being elected as branch Chair, which is an honour.”

Rebecca Lydon, Community Development Coordinator, Parkinson’s UK Cymru, said: “Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s can be a shock and adapting to life with the condition can be hard for the person involved and their loved ones too. But we know that getting the right information and support at the right time can make all the difference.  

“That’s why we’re proud to promote the Swansea District branch activities to people across Swansea who are living with Parkinson’s and look forward to welcoming people in the future.

“It is vital that we can support everyone affected by Parkinson’s, so that together, we can move towards everyone with the condition feeling empowered to take back control of their life with Parkinson’s.”

Around 153,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with Parkinson’s, including over 7,500 people in Wales alone.

Parkinson’s UK is the UK’s leading charity supporting those with the condition. Its mission is to find a cure and improve life for everyone affected by Parkinson’s through pioneering research, information, support and campaigning. 

For more information about joining the branch and its activities, please email Maralyn Thomas at [email protected]

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