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Pervert found guilty of sexual assault on underage girl

A DISTURBING case unfolded at Cardiff Crown Court as Jami Davies, a 34-year-old resident of Bridgend, was found guilty on two counts of sexual activity with a child. The victim, a girl under the age of 16, bravely recounted the harrowing details of the assault. As the abuse took place, she confronted her attacker, telling him, “Don’t be a paedophile.” In a strong show of defiance, she later exclaimed, “F*** you, I’m a child.”

The court heard how Davies approached the victim while she slept, initially touching her leg and bottom inappropriately over her clothing. He then attempted to put his hands inside her clothing, aiming to touch her genitals. Sensing the gravity of the situation, the young girl firmly resisted, instructing Davies to stop and pulling away.

Undeterred by her resistance, the defendant resorted to verbal abuse, calling her a “c***,” before repeating his inappropriate advances. He forcefully placed his hand inside her top, groping her breasts. The victim, undeterred by the ongoing assault, implored Davies, “No, don’t be a paedophile.” His actions only ceased when he noticed the victim holding her phone, prompting concern that she might be recording him.

Initially, the victim was hesitant to disclose the abuse to anyone. However, she later confided in her mother, who immediately took action. Subsequently, Davies, a resident of Pen-y-Bryn, Bryntirion, was arrested and ultimately convicted of the sexual activity offenses on April 28. It was revealed in court that he had no relevant previous convictions.

During the trial, the victim courageously read out a victim personal statement, describing the abuse as “a headf***” and expressing doubt about her ability to endure the proceedings. Despite her reservations, she persevered, adding, “Jami, if you’re listening to this, f*** you, I am a child. You f****** me up and screwed me up bad.”

The victim also revealed that there were days when she was unable to attend school due to the trauma inflicted upon her. Reflecting on the verdict, she expressed some measure of satisfaction, acknowledging that it might protect other girls from similar harm and trauma. However, she admitted, “I don’t feel the relief I should. It feels good, but I don’t feel better.”

In an attempt to provide some context for the defendant’s actions, Neil Evans, Davies’ defense lawyer, stated that his client had experienced significant trauma due to multiple family bereavements. As a coping mechanism, Davies turned to alcohol and drugs, which exacerbated his behavior. Evans also mentioned an incident in which Davies had jumped out of a moving van, resulting in him being put into an induced coma and sustaining injuries, including a fractured skull. The defense further claimed that the offenses were “opportunistic” and took place on a night when Davies had consumed ten pints of lager.

Judge Lucy Crowther handed down a 15-month prison sentence to Davies. Additionally, he was subjected to sex offender notification requirements, a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, and a 10-year restraining order.