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Dogs in love? Heartfelt findings suggest our four-legged friends can fall head over paws

In an uplifting revelation concerning our loyal hounds, recent research by Canine Cottages has unveiled the depth of emotional connection that dogs might share with their fellow canines.

For years, the canine-loving community has debated the capacity of dogs to experience emotions akin to human love. In a bid to unearth this mystery, Canine Cottages utilised state-of-the-art heart rate monitoring technology, alongside the expertise of renowned dog behaviourist, Joe Nutkins of Dog Training Essex & Suffolk.

The Method Behind the Magic

Three fortunate dogs were fitted with a PetPace heart rate monitor collar prior to their reunion with a beloved canine companion. The objective? To measure any significant surge in their heart rates. The results were astounding, with some dogs showcasing an increase of 116% in heart beats per minute upon seeing their cherished furry friends.

The Science of Canine Companionship

Despite their inability to voice feelings, dogs have ways to express their emotions. For instance, oxytocin, the ‘love hormone’, plays a significant role in human bonds. Recent studies reveal that dogs too release oxytocin during positive interactions, hinting at the potential for deep, love-like connections with their peers.

Spotting the Signs of Canine Cupid

With insights from Mr. Nutkins, Canine Cottages has highlighted key indicators of a bond that goes beyond mere friendship:

  1. Sharing the Love: When dogs share food, water, and snuggle spots, it symbolises a deeper bond. Such behaviours, complemented by ‘soft eyes’ and shared gestures, portray an intimate connection.
  2. Unrequited Canine Love: It’s not uncommon for some dogs to shower another with affection, even if it’s one-sided. The loyal pursuit, friendly licks, and attempts at closeness are reminiscent of unreciprocated love among humans.
  3. Body Talk:
    • Ears: A lifted base or relaxed, droopy ear could signify a deeper bond.
    • Tail: Distinct tail wags can reveal a special affection towards a certain doggy pal.
    • Vocal Expressions: Unique barks, whines, and playful growls can be reserved for their favourites.
    • Dancing Duo: When two dogs’ play appears like a coordinated dance, it speaks of a deeper connection.

Mr. Nutkins elaborates, “While dogs’ understanding of ‘love’ may differ from ours, the evident mutual respect and fondness they show certain peers certainly mirrors the affection we value in human relationships. Whether it’s genuine love or merely oxytocin-induced, it’s a delight to witness.”

Sarah Pring, Digital PR Manager at Canine Cottages, commented, “As the trend of dog-friendly holidays gains traction, it’s heartening to think that our furry friends could also be experiencing summer flings.”

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