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Universal Studios announces plans for UK theme park

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS has unveiled ambitious plans to construct a colossal theme park and resort on a sprawling 480-acre former brickworks site in Stewartby, Bedfordshire. The announcement, made by Universal Destinations and Experiences on 19th December, has sent waves of excitement through fans eagerly anticipating the prospect of some of their favourite rides making their way to the UK.

The company expressed its optimism about the UK’s potential as a prime location, citing the country’s large population, thriving creative industries, robust tourism, and excellent transportation infrastructure. A company statement highlighted its support for Bedford’s vision of becoming a prosperous destination for living, working, and visiting.

Social media erupted with enthusiasm, with one fan tweeting, “I would totally lose my mind if we got a heavily themed universal park in the UK!” Another expressed excitement about the possibility of Halloween Horror Nights being just a doorstep away, fueled by rumours of the new Universal theme park.

Currently boasting sites in the US, China, Singapore, and Japan, Universal Studios has become synonymous with cutting-edge attractions and iconic rides. Fans in the UK are already speculating about the rides they might experience, with hopes high for classics like “Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts,” known for its multi-dimensional thrill ride beneath a fire-breathing dragon.

Other favourites from Universal’s portfolio, such as “The Simpsons Ride” and “TRANSFORMERS: The Ride-3D,” are also on the wish list of UK fans. The anticipation is palpable, with enthusiasts eagerly discussing the potential arrival of these exhilarating rides to our shores.

It’s worth noting that Universal Studios is in the early stages of exploring the feasibility of the UK project, and as of now, no specific rides have been confirmed. Elected Mayor Tom Wootton of Bedford Borough Council welcomed the potential business investment but emphasized the need for detailed work before any decisions are made. He expressed excitement about the transformative potential for the borough and the commitment to aligning plans with the best interests of residents.

A spokesperson from Universal reiterated that it will be many months before a decision is made to proceed, highlighting the company’s intention to engage with relevant stakeholders and the local community. The chosen location, Stewartby, strategically positions itself with over half of the UK’s population living within a two-hour radius, underscoring the company’s support for Bedford’s vision of prosperity.

While the specific rides for the UK theme park remain undecided, fans can draw inspiration from the existing Universal Studios locations. In Florida, attractions dedicated to Harry Potter, Despicable Me, and The Simpsons have captivated audiences. Osaka, Japan, even boasts a famed area themed around Super Nintendo. As the UK eagerly awaits the potential arrival of Universal Studios, the question remains: What iconic rides would you want to see gracing our shores?