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Don’t have a ‘zow’, man!

A DAIRY calf resembling a zebra has been born on an RSPCA Freedom Food farm to the amazement of a West Sussex farmer.

The one-day-old ‘zow’ calf – aptly named ‘Daizee’ by farmer Imes Demmiks – was born on Taf Lluf farm, Horsham, West Sussex.

Astonished Imes said: “I’ve been breeding dairy cattle for 15 years to the RSPCA’s standards.  In that time I’ve delivered twin and even triplet calves, which are pretty rare, but a calf that looks more like a zebra than a cow is a first for me.  It’s unbelievable!”

According to scientists at the RSPCA, this is ground breaking news. Their research shows the unique pigment in the zebra markings causes a significant increase in the production of vitamin Z in the cow’s milk which is what makes people feel sleepy.

RSPCA Freedom Food farm assessor Mary Bullock says: “Everyone knows a mug of warm milk before bed can help you sleep at night but to think this zow calf has the potential to produce proper sleep-inducing milk really is something else.

“I’ve seen cows of all shapes and sizes on RSPCA Freedom Food farms but never a stripy one!  It certainly puts the truth into the saying ‘i’m going to catch some zzzs’!”

Freedom Food hopes the new zow milk will go into production this summer and start hitting supermarket shelves later this year.