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Emyr fears increase in CAP red tape

claTHE NEW Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will drastically increase red tape, Farmers’ Union of Wales president Emyr Jones predicted today.

Addressing the union’s annual general meeting at Aberystwyth, Mr Jones said: “A decade ago we were told that the abolition of headage payments would reduce red tape for farmers and I was looking forward to seeing the back of the head counts and form-filling which accompanied the old system. “Well, I don’t suppose I receive any fewer phone calls from farmers complaining about inspections and paperwork than my predecessors did under the old regime. “In fact, I’d put money on the fact that I receive more. “Now, on the eve of a new CAP, I am tempted to get rid of my mobile phone altogether – I don’t know if both my or the phone’s batteries will be able to take it. “What was promised by the European Commission would be a simplified CAP next year will elevate red tape to a new unprecedented level.”