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The Royal Welsh Show: Environment secretary Therese Coffey defends government’s record

Environment Secretary Therese Coffey, during her visit to this year’s Royal Welsh Show, staunchly defended the government’s handling of inflation amidst mounting pressures on the agriculture industry. The show, which kicked off earlier today, is the country’s largest agricultural event, and it comes at a time when farms across the nation are struggling due to inflationary pressures.

Addressing concerns about the crisis, Ms. Coffey emphasized the government’s awareness of the challenges faced by people due to inflation. She stated, “We have been very conscious of the inflation challenges that people have had. It’s why we removed tariffs on certain elements coming into the country to help with feed.”

Furthermore, she pointed out the government’s decision to lift tariffs during this critical period, deeming it a vital step to bolster prosperity and performance. She highlighted the importance of competitive prices both within the UK and Wales, as well as the benefits derived from the ongoing trade deals.

Ms. Coffey also expressed her optimism about the appetite for Welsh food. While attending the open day of the show, she appreciated the diverse county approach in the UK, stating, “What I have found is I love the different county approach. I’ve spent quite a bit of time going around different counties in the UK. This brings it all together with the flavor of Glamorgan.”

During her visit, Ms. Coffey celebrated the Welsh single malt whisky receiving special status, a significant development for the industry. She expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “Today, in particular, I am very excited that we are doing the geographical indication status for Welsh single malt whisky and, of course, that special barley, 100 per cent Welsh water.”

Highlighting the global appeal of Welsh produce, she noted that the whisky is now exported to 45 countries worldwide, indicating a strong demand for Welsh products. Ms. Coffey mentioned her personal interest in the product as well, stating, “I’ll be tasting some a bit later. I’ve actually got a bottle in my office in Parliament.”

Through her visit to the Royal Welsh Show and her remarks, Environment Secretary Therese Coffey aimed to demonstrate the government’s commitment to supporting the agriculture industry during challenging times and promoting Welsh produce on the international stage.