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Men arrested with £100,000 worth of cocaine after police pursuit, sentenced to prison

Two individuals, Daniel Rowberry, 34, and Jody Jones, 35, both residents of Tredegar, were apprehended by the police after their car was intercepted using a stinger device. The suspects attempted to flee, with Jones, the driver, ramming into the police car. However, the Toyota’s tires were punctured, forcing the vehicle to come to a stop on Merthyr Road. During the pursuit, Rowberry was observed discarding a mobile phone.

During the subsequent sentencing hearing at Newport Crown Court, it was revealed that a search of the car uncovered a white carrier bag concealed inside a package covered in brown tape. The package, upon examination, was found to contain a kilogram of cocaine. Its wholesale value was estimated to be between £25,000 and £30,000. However, if sold in smaller quantities, the street value of the drugs could have reached £100,000.

Additionally, the authorities seized several mobile phones in connection with the case. A black iPhone, a black burner phone, and a Samsung device were discovered, with the burner phone being attributed to Rowberry. Messages pertaining to drug dealing were found on the burner phone, although many of them had been deleted.

Rowberry, residing in Griffiths Gardens, pleaded guilty to charges of possession with intent to supply cocaine. Jones, who lives in Bryn Pica, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine. The court was informed that Rowberry had a history of ten prior convictions, including conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs, as well as a caution for cannabis cultivation. Jones, on the other hand, had eleven convictions for various offenses, including drug possession.

During the mitigation phase, Kevin Seal, representing Rowberry, stated that his client deeply misses his two young children and expressed his desire to become a “better father and a better role model” upon his release from prison. Seal further explained that Rowberry had intended to sell the drugs at a wholesale value to other dealers.

Stephen Thomas, the defense attorney for Jones, argued that his client worked as a courier under someone else’s direction in order to fund his “significant” drug habit. He also revealed that Jones utilized a vehicle from his father’s company to carry out his courier duties.

In the final ruling, the Recorder of Cardiff, Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke, sentenced Rowberry to six years and eight months in prison, while Jones received a sentence of four years and three months incarceration.